Types Of Wedding Photography: 7 Things YOU Need To Know Before Choosing Your Photographer

Have you ever wondered what types of wedding photography are available? Are you looking for the perfect photographer to capture your special day? Knowing the different styles and approaches can help you make an informed decision when selecting a photographer. From traditional to photojournalistic, we’ll explore all the options so that you can create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Types Of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a unique and special way of capturing some of the most important memories in life. From traditional posed shots to candid moments, there are many different types of wedding photography that can be used to capture each couple’s big day.

Traditional wedding photos usually involve family members lined up together for posed shots as well as individual portraits of the bride and groom. This type of photography allows photographers to create timeless images that will last a lifetime while also allowing couples to look back on these pictures fondly for years to come.

Candid photos are becoming increasingly popular in today’s weddings due to their ability to capture real-life moments without having everyone pose for them. Photos such as guests laughing, dancing, or simply enjoying themselves at the reception are perfect examples of candid wedding photography and can add an extra element of fun and realism when looking back on your big day. This style is great if you don’t want everything planned out so precisely but still want those special memories captured perfectly!

Finally, documentary-style wedding photography has become more popular recently, too – this approach captures everything from getting ready through till after the reception itself, providing an intimate insight into all aspects of your special occasion, no matter how small they may seem! Documentary-style photographers work unobtrusively throughout the day, ensuring that nothing goes unseen by their lens and that every moment is immortalized forever!

1. Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography has been around for decades, capturing the best moments of a couple’s special day. It captures classic poses and styles with an aim to create timeless images that will be cherished by family and friends forever. Traditional wedding photographers have developed their unique style, often including posed shots at different points throughout the day, such as during the ceremony or family portraits before it begins.

The traditional approach allows couples to have all their favorite memories documented in one place, ensuring they can look back on them time after time. As well as classic posed shots, these photographers may also take some candid snaps of guests enjoying themselves or other details from your special day that you want to remember for years to come. They are experts at finding creative angles and using natural light where possible – making sure every shot is perfect!

2. Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary wedding photography has come a long way in recent years, offering couples the chance to capture some truly unique and beautiful memories of their special day. This style of photography is often characterized by its use of modern technology, artistic composition, and creative angles – all coming together to create something that looks both timelessly classic and effortlessly stylish.

For starters, contemporary wedding photographers are now able to take advantage of advances in digital technologies, such as high-quality cameras and lenses that can capture stunning images with amazing clarity from any angle or distance. Professional lighting equipment can also be used to really make certain parts of the image stand out and give it more depth – creating an atmosphere perfect for capturing those unforgettable moments between newlyweds.

The post-production side allows photographers to bring out even more detail from the original images, so they look just as good when printed or shared online as they do onscreen. And finally, compositional elements like framing shots around interesting objects or landscapes add another layer of creativity which helps elevate photos beyond simply taking snapshots; these kinds of photographs will become cherished keepsakes that friends and family members alike can enjoy for many years after your big day has finished!

3. Creative Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a unique art form. It requires a certain level of creativity to capture the priceless moments that occur throughout the day. From candid shots of the bride and groom getting ready, to posed family portraits, wedding photographers must be able to think on their feet and ensure each shot captures the moment perfectly.

In addition to having technical skills, such as knowing how to use lighting and angles for maximum effect, creative wedding photographers also have an eye for detail when it comes to composition. They know how to frame each scene in order to create beautiful photos that will last forever. And they understand how important it is to get those special emotional shots that can only come from capturing unplanned moments between people who are celebrating one of life’s biggest milestones together.

A photographer’s creative vision sets them apart from other professionals in this field – they can take seemingly mundane scenes and turn them into works of art through careful planning and execution. Creative ideas such as using props or taking advantage of interesting environments help ensure that no two weddings look alike; each couple gets something unique that reflects their personalities!

4. Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Photojournalistic wedding photography is a unique approach to documenting the events and feelings of a special day. This type of photography aims to capture genuine moments in an unobtrusive fashion, as it follows the bride and groom throughout their celebration. The photographer must be skilled at anticipating moments before they happen so that important memories are captured and preserved for generations to come.

Unlike traditional posed photographs, photojournalism focuses on capturing candid shots of interactions between family members, friends, or even strangers who have gathered together for this eventful occasion. These images can tell stories about relationships between people or evoke emotions from the viewer long after the day has passed.

Photojournalists also understand how lighting can be used to enhance a photograph and make it more aesthetically pleasing than if shot in harsh conditions or without attention paid to composition. In addition, these photographers usually stay back from their subjects to allow them space while still being able to document every detail with precision, timing, and accuracy.

5. Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Documentary-style wedding photography is a type of photography that captures the candid emotions and moments experienced throughout your special day. Instead of taking posed shots, documentary photographers use their skills to document the story of your wedding day as it unfolds naturally. What sets this form of photography apart from traditional portraiture is its ability to capture those fleeting, real-life moments that you can look back on for years to come.

For example, rather than staging group portraits or asking everyone to smile for the camera, documentary photographers focus on documenting natural interactions between family members and friends in an unobtrusive manner.

From capturing intimate embraces between newlyweds to spontaneous laughter during speeches – these are all meaningful memories that will bring back fond memories when revisited. Documentary-style wedding photos should be taken with care and attention; thoughtful composition ensures no moment goes unnoticed while creating beautiful artwork simultaneously.

Professional documentary photographers have a creative eye and technical expertise; they know how best to utilize light and shadows, angles, poses, and other elements necessary for successful storytelling through image-making.

In addition to understanding different lighting techniques, they also possess emotional intelligence, which helps them recognize important events and anticipate how people may react next so that no detail is overlooked or forgotten about over time. The end result? A timeless collection of images showcasing raw emotion which will transport viewers back into your unique celebration every single time!

6. Fine Art / Editorial Style Wedding Photography

Fine art and editorial-style wedding photography are two distinct approaches to capturing a couple’s special day. Both styles focus on creating beautiful images that capture the emotion of the event, but they do so in very different ways.

The fine art approach is rooted in traditional artistic techniques such as composition and color theory, with an emphasis on creating timeless works of art that showcase the unique beauty of each moment being photographed. This style often employs a much slower pace than other photographic methods, allowing photographers to take their time setting up shots and adjusting lighting conditions until they get exactly what they want out of each image. The result is a collection of photos that look like something out of a museum or gallery–elegant, sophisticated pieces filled with emotion and atmosphere.

Editorial-style wedding photography takes its cues from fashion magazines and photojournalism. Here, the photographer aims to create dynamic images that tell stories about the people involved while still looking stylishly modern.

Shots tend to be more candid compared to fine art; rather than posed portraits or tableaus made for maximum aesthetic impact, these photographs show couples interacting naturally with one another during their big day. They also incorporate elements like props or interesting backdrops in order to lend context and depth—in essence, making them mini-narratives about how this particular day unfolded for everyone involved!

7. Cinematic / Film-Style Wedding Videography

Cinematic wedding videography is a unique form of storytelling that uses film-style techniques to capture your special day’s emotions, beauty, and atmosphere. It’s more than just capturing video footage; it’s about creating an emotional connection between the viewer and the captured moments in time.

Cinematic-style wedding videos are designed to evoke emotion through their editing styles and use of music. They typically feature slow-motion shots, aerial views, panoramic scenes, drone coverage, or other creative camera angles to create a captivating aesthetic experience for the audience.

When working with a professional cinematic videographer, they will be sure to bring out all those special details throughout your big day by coordinating with you on what key moments need to be captured – such as exchanging vows or cutting the cake – while also being able to capture candid shots throughout your event as well.

This type of filming allows viewers watching at home or abroad to feel like they were actually present on your special day by immersing them in every aspect from start to finish! Plus, having something beautiful and memorable that can last for years is always nice – even if everyone else has left after saying goodbye!