Posting photos in photo forum threads

Posting a photo in a photography forum thread is easy if you use the full URL including the file extension.

Many new photography forum participants don’t know how to post, or embed, an image within a forum message. The process is quite simple and the method is similar for most forums. The image must first be uploaded to a server such as at an online photo hosting site.

To post an image, use its full URL

Go to the image at a hosting service, right click it and open the Properties menus.

Next, highlight the full address (URL), copy the URL and then paste it into the subject area in a forum post. For the image to appear, you MUST include the .jpg extension.

Generally, you should get the URL from the image itself, not the address bar of a browser.

For example, below is the full URL to a thumbnail photo in the Digicamhelp Photo Galleries. One space has been added after the https: so you can see the how the text is supposed to appear (you wouldn’t normally add a space).

When the correct URL is posted in a thread, the image will appear.

This method is the most commonly used in photography forums, but not all forums use it. Some require code placed around the URL for the image such as: [img] URL [/image]

Note all forums require adding urls. Some let you upload them directly from your computer.

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