Digital camera repair


It’s no fun when a digital camera stops working! But the fact is, though rare, it does happen.

Digital camera repairs can be  expensive if not covered under warranty or a service advisory. Do a few self-tests first and then call tech support prior to sending your camera to the manufacturer or authorized repair center.

Common digital camera problems

One of the most common digital camera problems is that the zoom lens stops working. The camera won’t focus or fire and you get a dreaded error message. This usually the result of the lens being knocked out of alignment.

Other common problems include broken hinges on memory card doors, broken battery covers and scratched or cracked LCDs. Memory card contacts can become damaged if a card is forced into the slot the wrong way.

Faulty digital camera sensor

Occasionally, a digital camera sensor will begin exhibiting problems. When a sensor goes bad, images may exhibit some or all of the following:

  • Strong tints or color casts
  • A series of strange lines running across images
  • Image distortion.

What to check before sending a digital camera for repair

  • Low batteries – a camera may not function properly when batteries a low. Insert a fully charged set to see if things improve.
  • Camera controls – it’s easy to inadvertently hit the wrong button or change a menu. Check your settings.
  • Full memory card – when a memory card is full, a digital camera may not turn on.
  • Reset the camera – reset either via a menu or by removing the batteries for about 24 hours.
  • Do a hard reset – if resetting the camera doesn’t solve the problem, do a hard reset. How to do a hard reset varies between cameras, so contact the manufacturers tech support.

If your digital camera needs repair

If none of the above fixes the problem, call an authorized repair service center. You will be asked for the model and serial number of your camera. Fully and accurately describe the problem.

Don’t forget to inquire about an estimate for the repair and shipping costs. Ask how long it will take before the camera is returned.

Also ask if the repair work is still covered under warranty. If not, and you purchased the camera with a credit card, you may have an extended warranty by the credit card company.

For minor repairs, such as a broken hinge, using a local repair shop may be less expensive.

Check manufacturer service advisories

Sometimes camera malfunctions are the fault of the manufacturer. When this happens, service advisories are published listing the affected cameras. If yours qualifies, it will be repaired at no charge even if the original warranty expired. Contact the manufacturer or visit its website website to find out if there is a service advisory for your model, and what steps to take.

To repair or not to repair a digital camera?

A digital camera repair can cost 30 to 50% of it’s original price. If your camera needs repair, weigh the cost over buying one that is new or factory refurbished. Also consider the age of your digital cameras. Many new models have considerably improved during the past few years.

Hard reset for Canon compact cameras: this has worked for some Canon camera users who had problems starting their camera. If you know how to do a hard restart for you brand digital camera, post it in the commenting section below and it will be added to the article.

  • Put fresh batteries in the camera and remove the memory card.
  • Double click the on/off button and the camera will turn on and then off.
  • Hit the on/off button once more. Hopefully, the camera will start normally.

Please note: Digicamhelp offers basic information about camera problems to help you determine if your camera needs repair. If it has a serious problem such as not being able to turn it on and off, a blank LCD screen, a stuck lens or sensor or other problem that can’t be resolved by resetting your camera,  contact the camera manufacturer tech support.

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